Rights and obligations of tourists in Ukraine

Tourists have the right to:

realization of the rights of citizens to rest, freedom of movement, restoration and strengthening of health, to a safe environment for life and health, satisfaction of spiritual needs, protection and respect for human dignity;

necessary and reliable information about the rules for entering Ukraine, as well as leaving Ukraine, about the customs of the local population, natural monuments, history, culture and other objects of tourist display that are under special protection, the state of the environment;information on the availability of a license from an entity engaged in entrepreneurial activity in the field of tourism, other documents, the presence of which is provided for by law;

obtaining mandatory information prior to the conclusion of the contract;

receiving travel services provided for by the contract;personal safety, protection of life, health, consumer rights, as well as property;receiving appropriate medical care;compensation for material and moral damage in case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the contract;

assistance from the state authorities of Ukraine in obtaining legal and other types of assistance;

exercise of other rights.

Tourists are required to:

not to violate the rights and legitimate interests of others, the requirements of the laws in force in the territory of the host country;

comply with customs, border, sanitary and other rules;respect the political and social order, traditions, customs, religious beliefs of the country (place) of residence;

preserve the environment, treat with care the objects of nature and cultural heritage in the country (place) of temporary stay;

comply with the conditions and rules stipulated by the agreement on the provision of tourist services;provide personal information to the extent necessary for the sale of a tourist product;

observe the rules of personal safety while traveling;to compensate for losses caused by their illegal actions.

Perform other duties provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

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