New entry and exit rules will apply in Ukraine from tomorrow

⚠️What is needed for foreign citizens to cross the border?

🔸Now, to enter Ukraine, all foreigners, regardless of the country of arrival, must have an insurance policy covering the costs associated with the treatment of Covid-19.
🔸In addition, foreign guests must present a PCR test at the checkpoint no earlier than 72 hours before crossing the Ukrainian border.
⛔️ Note that in the absence of a test or insurance policy, foreigners are not allowed to enter or transit through Ukraine.

What is needed for Ukrainian citizens to cross the border?

🔹Ukrainians must present a negative PCR test done no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the border.
🔹In the absence of a test, Ukrainians are obliged to download the application “Home” and go to a two-week self-isolation, which can be completed ahead of schedule with a negative test result.

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