Contract for tourist services in Ukraine

Under a contract for tourist services, one party (a tour operator who enters into a contract directly or through a travel agent) undertakes to provide a set of tourist services (tourist product) at the request of the other party (tourist), and the tourist undertakes to pay for it.

The general provisions of the contract for the provision of services shall apply to the contract for tourist services, unless otherwise provided by law.

The contract for tourist services is concluded in written or electronic form in accordance with the law.

The contract for tourist services specifies the essential terms of the contract:

1) the period of stay in the place of tourist services with indication of the dates of beginning and end of tourist services;

2) characteristics of vehicles engaged in transportation, in particular their type and category, as well as the date, time and place of departure and return (if transportation is part of a tourist product);

3) hotels and other similar accommodation, their location, category, as well as the term and procedure for payment for hotel services;

4) types and methods of providing food;

5) the minimum number of tourists in the group (if necessary) and in this regard the three-day period of informing the tourist that the tourist trip will not take place due to lack of group;

6) tourist service program;

7) types of excursion services and other services included in the cost of the tourist product;

8) other subjects of tourist activity (their location and details) that provide tourist services included in the tourist product;

9) an insurer that carries out compulsory and / or voluntary insurance of tourists at the request of the tourist, other risks associated with the provision of tourist services;

10) rules of entry into the country (place) of temporary stay and stay there;

11) the cost of tourist services and the order of payment;

12) form of settlement between the parties.